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These are the rods I like to fish. If you don't see something that suits your specific needs, or want a slight modification to one of these models, let me know and I can design something specifically for you.

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5’6” Ultra Light Spinning Rod - Swamp Lake Special (2pc)
Named after a small lake in northern Minnesota - this is a light to ultra light spinning rod designed for big blugill, crappie and bass. 2-6 lb test line and lures up to 1/4 oz. Give bamboo spinning a try and I promise you won’t go back to your old graphite rod.

6'6” Light Spinning Rod - Jack's Fork Special (2pc)
Light spinning rod - very accurate and great for throwing tiny lures to hungry trout. A little more backbone than the ultralight just in case you get into some bigger fish. An absolute delight to fish.

7’0” Med Light Spinning Rod - Jack's Fork Special (2pc)
Med Light spinning rod - designed for trout and small mouth bass. A wonderful little spinning rod with a slow action similar to fiberglass. Deadly accurate.