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These are the rods I like to fish. If you don't see something that suits your specific needs, or want a slight modification to one of these models, let me know and I can design something specifically for you.

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A selection of my most popular models

6’0” 3 wt (2 pc)

Fishing in heaven brush on a small mountain stream? This is the rod you need. Smooth action. Protects light tippets well. Very light in the hand. A pleasure to cast.

7’0” 3 wt (2 pc)
A delicate rod for small streams. Progressive medium action. Effortless to cast.

6’6” 4 wt (2 pc)
Powerful for its small size yet sensitive enough for even the most delicate presentations. This rod features a moderately fast action and is perfect for small streams but is versatile enough to handle larger water as well.

7’0” 4 wt (2 or 3pc)
Probably the most popular size and weight for bamboo fly rods designed for trout. This is a relatively fast taper and very smooth casting. A great first rod for someone new to bamboo. An excellent choice for dry flies.

7’6” 5 wt (2 or 3pc)
A medium to fast progressive action rod. Great all around trout rod and my personal favorite. The hollow built version of this rod lightens it up a little and also seems to smooth out the action.

8’0" 5 wt (2pc.)
Medium/medium fast action powerful rod for bigger water. Great all around trout rod with a little extra length for mending and plenty of backbone for the bruisers.

8'0" 6 wt (2 pc or 4pc)
Medium-fast action powerful rod. Handles windy conditions and big flies with ease. This 6wt is a true powerhouse - suitable for big rivers, big trout and big flies. If you are headed to the Deschutes or Madison for the salmon fly hatch - you want this rod in your quiver. The hollowing of the butt section really smoothes out the action.

8’0" 7 wt (3pc.)
Can throw a heap of line with little effort. Medium action. Just what you were looking for if you are headed out for some summer steelhead or, for the saltwater fisherman, redfish and bonefish.

8'6" 10 wt (2pc.)
This is a monster! It has as much power as any rod I've cast and really shoots it out there. I designed this rod with Florida bonefish on the flats in mind but it will also handle steelhead and even light salmon.