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In my opinion, with few exceptions, nothing can match bamboo as a material for for light spinning and fly fishing rods.

Neither graphite or fiberglass allow a rod maker to tailor a rod for a specific person and specific fishing situation. While customization is possible, both fiberglass and graphite rod constructions lend themselves to a one size fits all solution because they are generally produced in large quantities. This is not the case with bamboo. Every rod that comes out of my shop is custom made one at a time.

Bamboo not only allows me to craft a rod for any situation - it also allows me to express my creativity and artistic side.

I was lucky enough to be the subject of a video made by my friend Joe Stevens at Shwood Eyewear in Portland. Take a look at this short video and you will get a glimpse into how a rod is made. 60 hours of splitting, beveling, planning, glueing, sanding, wrapping and varnishing all condensed into a 2 minute video.

In addition - an article written in Thrillist really captures why I make rods and how I got to where I am today. Take a look here